"Ships are safe in the harbor, but is that why they were made?"

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New Zealand Hot Springs

The Coliseum, Rome

Painted Home, Switzerland The Forbidden City, China
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Madrid, Spain Bahamian Island Rome, Italy Delphi, Greece
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Moon Set, Soviet Union Paris, France Florence, Italy Copan, Honduras
Mexico Chitzen Itza-1.jpg (36065 bytes) Ireland Belfast 3.jpg (39291 bytes) chruch of holy sepulchre 2.jpg (36003 bytes) Austrian Village.jpg (41091 bytes)
Chitzen Itza, Mexico Belfast, Northern Ireland Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem Small Village, Austria
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Me Sailing to Catalina Mexico City Lima, Peru Bavarian Square, Germany
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Prague Budapest Thailand Noatak River, Alaska
New Years in Paris Panama Cancun  European Alps
Guadalajara, Mexico Florida & Costa Rica Micronesia Rome

Belgium Norway French Polynesia China

Tibet Hong Kong Cambodia